Get to know us


Jeremy Beals founded The Mental Health Awareness Network in 2016. Through loss and personal mental health issues of his own: "It's been a long tough road getting here. It's finally time for the network to shine."

Vice President

Heron Ortega is a small business owner that has took the time to be a part of The Mental Health Awareness Network because he believes in what we stand for, and he loves coming up with fun ideas for Fundraising Events.

Chief Financial Officer

Andrea Juarez has just finished fours years college at CSU with a degree in criminal justice. She now does her part for mental health by working with peers that have eating disorders.

Director of Operations 

Kathleen Butler believes in the network and what it's about.  She's put many hours in side by side with Jeremy. Her personal struggles and watching family members struggle with mental health issues is the fire for her motivation.

Executive Director of Human Resources

Judy Buehler has seen many rain storms and been through more rough times than most of us can even imagine, but through her faith and perseverance has managed to get through it all. She is definitely someone we all look up to! She has managed to show us her strength and love by now dancing in the sunshine. From her continual support through the years, she has kept us inspired, focused, and we thank her for always being there.