Welcome to:

The Mental Health Awareness Network

Our Motivation

We believe that together we can end the stigma that surrounds Mental Health issues. Through enlightening entertainment, fund raising events, and education we hope to bring light to a darkness that envelopes the lives of many millions of people around the world.

What makes us different?


Our YouTube channel JerdiggityTV provides fun filled entertainment that will make you laugh so hard tears will come to your eyes. As Dau Voire said, "Laughter is and will always be the best form of therapy."


From the struggles of the mental issues that we and many others face daily, to the hopes and the love that family members face in trying to be there for us, and from first responders desperately trying to grasp the understanding of how to handle us, we must find relief in understanding through education, training, and referrals.

Fundraising Events

To Be Announced. Thanks for your support.

Our Mission 

To enlighten people about the issues that surround mental illness. We aim to help educate first responders, family, friends, and ourselves by providing avenues to get that education and certification in 'Mental Health First Aide' training. We, also, want to help alleviate some of the hunger and homelessness that runs through our communities. Also to bring awareness on a global scale through online networking social media and local and national events. We are in hopes to provide funding for special needs children who want to advance their education in extended schooling and college programs. 


John Donne once said that "No man is an island." And at The Mental Health Awareness Network, we know that outstanding results are achieved through collaboration. Our Non- Profit organization has been built, not by one person, but by a talented group of people that in one way or another have either faced mental issues themselves or have had loved ones that struggle with mental issues. Together through determination and and hard work we formed The Mental Health Awareness Network. And would be very proud to make YOU a part of the Joy that will come from opening your hearts and minds, like we have, to helping others as well. 

Founder/President Jeremy Beals